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Trademarks are registered signs, the purpose of which is to indicate a product (or service) and to distinguish it from other similar goods. A good trademark gives confidence to consumers and urges them to keep buying the trademarked goods, thus solidifying the market position of the proprietor of the trade mark against competing manufacturers. Hence, trademarks are essential means of market competition.

Most consumer decisions are made based on trademarks. It is not the same at all whether the brand of a TV set is “Sony” or “NoName”. Consumers will certainly think Sony to be of higher quality and only because of the brand. This is why a good trademark is of exceptional importance. 

Trademark protection may be granted for any sign (also known as a brand), such as words, combination of words, slogans, logos, etc. While the possible range to select from is wide, trademarks usually cannot be modified after the application for registration was submitted to the authority (you can file an application for registration of the modified version at any time, that will be a new trademark). Unregistered signs are officially called indications or brand names, while registered or protected signs are called trademarks. Not all brand names are eligible for protection; further information on this topic is available among the “Grounds of refusal”. Unauthorised users of trademarks will mean trademark infringement. The scope of trademark protection exceeds the mere use of identical signs, since the users of similar names, forms, etc., in relation to similar goods (or services) are also liable for trademark infringement if there is a likelihood of confusion.

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Ebook: Georg Pintz - The Mark of Success


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