List of goods

Unlike Mohammed’s coffin, trademarks do not rest somewhere between heaven and earth, suspended in the air, but are strongly linked to specific goods and services (hereinafter referred to as goods). The goods you have chosen – automatically including all other goods that may be confused with them – represent the dynamic area for which trademarks offer protection. It is important that you set the limits for this area in a professional manner as it defines the scope of protection of your trademark. You need to choose the goods prior to applying for trademark registration, with due regard to the following considerations:

  • Do not choose unnecessary goods as you are required to use the trademark for those goods as well. The grace period is 5 years (or 3 years in certain countries) after registration. There is an extra charge at the selection of more goods in some countries.
  • However, if there is a chance that you may want to use the trademark in other fields in the near future, you should apply for registration for those fields as well because it is cheaper at this stage. If this new area falls within the same class of goods, you have nothing else left to do. If it is in another class, you might have to pay an additional fee, depending on the respective country; this fee is usually lower than that for the first class. Some countries charge the additional fee only after the fourth class.
  • The list of goods cannot be extended once you have submitted your application for trademark registration. Neither can you change the sign itself. On the other hand, you can extend the protected scope of goods at any time by submitting a new application for registration.
  • Tip of select only the important goods for your trademark. If you select more unnecessary goods, the risk of conflict rises.


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