About branding

Whenever a new product is born, a suitable name needs to be found for it. Though somewhat similar to the birth of a child, where you try to find a name differing from those of other children in the family, the problem of naming a product is much more complicated, since all similar products are, in a sense, sisters and brothers of your product.

Besides, you need to raise, care for and watch over the name of your product, if you want to avoid future complications. Naming a product is a distinct branch of law and business in many countries, where lawyers, linguists and marketing experts provide assistance in finding a suitable name. Most of the good names are short, simple, and non-descriptive, meaning that they do not reveal directly anything about the product or the service. Whenever setting up a company, creating a new product or service, or simply repositioning an existing product, the following criteria are to be observed:

  • the name must harmonize with the corresponding product,
  • must not be descriptive,
  • must be attractive in all languages,
  • there must not be a likelihood of confusion with a reputable trade mark or with another name in a similar range of products,
  • must be available in all countries, and
  • the domain must be available as well.
A good name will multiply the invested time and money in return. Remember to take care of the domain as well.

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