Trademark watching

A registered trademark guarantees strong rights to your competitors too. It is best to make sure that your unique brand stays unique and no similar marks are registered in domestic or foreign markets.

Trademark watching is a substantive component of the effective maintenance and enforcement of your registered trademark. Trademark infringements are more and more frequent. The distinctive power and reputation of your trademark may be reduced unless action is taken quickly against the infringing users. The most effective way to protect a trademark is trademark watch - this provides a way to keep an eye on third parties intending to register a mark that is identical or similar to yours. Once a new trademark application is published within the geographical area defined at the start of the watch service, you will be notified shortly, thus you will have the chance to oppose these applications before the mark is registered.

Every day thousands of trademarks are being registered worldwide. There is a relativly high chance that these marks will infringe your trademark rights. In order to be able to respond to these infringements you need to detect these infringements.

The fact that you are a trademark holder does not mean that you will be informed by any authority if newly filed trademarks are in conflict with yours – that is why you need trademark watching service.

Trademark watching is a service created to provide this kind of protection. An effective watch service can identify and alert a trademark holder when a third party attempts to register a mark which is similar or the same. Usually this will be at the point of publication of the mark, so that timely oppositions to infringing applications may be filed.

In countries where an opposition procedure is available, it is possible to prevent the registration of the adverse mark. By raising such an objection you can prevent registration of marks that are the same or similar to yours. If you do not file an objection to conflicting marks in time, you might even lose the right to do so at all.  One thing is sure: it is considerably more cost effective to take action while a trademark application it is in course and under examination by the office rather than after it has been registered.

We offer professional extended trademark watch service for those who have registered any word marks. This way the trademark holder will be informed of potential threats to its brand at an early stage (after a similar trademark application has been filed) and protective measures may be taken against registration and use of the new mark.

Depending on what type of mark the holder has, we offer trademark watch for Europe and also on a worldwide scale. Applications in all systems are monitored: national marks, international marks (Madrid System) and EU marks (CTM register).

Safeguarding the power of your trademark with expert trade mark watching is a critical element of a strong brand protection strategy.


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