Attorney's tipps for business starters

"Just started. I want to see my company name on the list.

What shall I do?"

Business strater

Dear Entrepreneur,

Good news. You don't have to do anything special. Do only what the Best Ten did. Produce products of excellent quality for at least ten years and export to all corners of the world. Trademark for companies Successful marks

However, there are some additional steps you should also take: be careful when picking your trademark, and more importantly, do care for it! Finding a good name is very important. On the market you can find several specialized firms and consultancies that can be of your assistance: patent attorneys, trademark lawyers, linguistics, marketing and brand specialists, etc. Many of them work in close cooperation with international associates. Ask for professional help if you have the chance.

However, until you do so, just pay attention to the Best Ten. The trademarks on the list are short and easy to pronounce marks. Their meaning has no negative characteristics in any language. They have a simple design, in fact the design element is often only the special character used. They do not aim to be descriptive and do not refer to any particular service or product. The best choice for names are the di- or trisyllabic words like Ikea, Nokia, Gucci, Siemens, L'Oreal. Today there are trademarks of the order of millions so finding a good name is very difficult. If you chose a name as a mark, be careful, because the distinctive ability of such marks is very low. If you chose a three-letter word as your mark then the chances are high that your mark will be in conflict with some earlier marks. Of course, trademarks are important not only at European level but also on a global scale. Globally you can find several other excellent and valuable trademarks, like Coca-Cola, Intel, Toyota, Samsung, Sony, Google, etc.

Finding a good name is not easy and you should start with a thorough trademark search. If you want to become one on the Best Ten list, you must complete this trademark search for the vast majority of the countries. In fact, can help you with the highest care and professionalism in this search.

Once you find a good name, you should get the name registered. The best thing to do is to file a CTMA (Community Trade Mark Application) which by the help of an international treaty (Madrid Protocol) can be extended to many important countries, such as China, Japan, Russia, United States, Switzerland, etc. The team of has decades of expertise in filing international applications so we can assist you with the registration too. Your mark - after a certain grace period - must be in use in relation to the designated products and services, so be moderate and keep this in mind when compiling your list of goods. Be patient, once you are besieging the Best Ten list we can file a new application with an extended list of goods.

Getting a mark registered is not enough, appropriate measures must be taken to protect it. You may ask why shouldn't the protection offered by law be enough. It is indeed sufficient but only if you take measures to enforce your rights. Neither the European Union nor any of the member states will watch if someone comes up and infringes your rights either by using your mark or by trying to get a similar mark registered. This is your job to do. To monitor the later concern is why the so called Trademark Watching has been invented. Almost in every country of the world the trademark applications are published sooner or later but definitely before their registration. Against those applications which aim to achieve registration for marks that are confusingly similar to your trademark you can file an opposition. Should you miss the deadline for opposition another proceeding can be initiated for the cancellation of the mark. If someone appears on the market selling goods under names which are not registered as trademarks but are confusingly similar to your mark, we can initiate an infringement proceeding against him.

Dear Entrepreneur, we hope that can be your partner when you take a leap and aim at the Best Ten list. Should you already be on the road up to the Best Ten we hope we can help you to get there sooner: we protect your trademark and relieve you of legal matters so you can focus on the business.


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